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Under the Village-in-the-Park reliable utilities, A new resident has to make sure all final deposits and payments are made and getting one’s complete address for announcement to one’s friends has been done prior to entry into the apartment.

Residents who have complied with the initial steps in securing an apartment completing a secure online Application Verification form, and mailing the apartment deposits to the required address of the Village-in-the-Park reliable utilities, can proceed with the next steps.

The next step is to fill out the Utility Activation Form in order to set up your utilities under your name. It includes signing the new lease agreement, setting up the required utilities in one’s name, and filling out a forwarding address slip for the local post office for mail feedback. On the move-in day, make sure that the Village-in-the-Park reliable utilities set-up are available.

The Utility Activation Form can be downloaded from the website of the Village-in-the-Park reliable utilities. The form requires writing down the name(s) and apartment unit address of the resident(s) and setting up a Commonwealth Edison Account Number, and agreeing to the statement that water, sewer and trash will be set up by the management’s office under the resident’s name.

This means all costs incurred under utilities would have to be paid by the newly transferred resident. The Utility Activation Form of the Village-in-the-Park reliable utilities also includes the renter’s insurance policy number, and the name and address of the insurance company, including the insurance agent’s name and number.

A part of the checklist of the Village-in-the-Park reliable utilities includes the cashier’s check or money order payable to the Village in the Park on the move-in day. In addition is the notification a resident have to make to the bank, the credit card company, the workplace and all your friends, associates and family concerning the new address.

The Village-in-the-Park reliable utilities reflect the unique apartment and community features which truly make for an attractive apartment package. Aside from being an Equal Housing Provider in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Act, the Village-in-the-Park reliable utilities is also a people-friendly, environment-friendly and pet friendly community.

The Village-in-the-Park reliable utilities belong to an high-end luxury home apartment community in the picturesque Valley Lake, north of Illinois. Located at 1417 Valley Lake Drive, Schaumburg, the magnificent Village in the Park Apartments has easy access to I-90 and is within a short driving distance to the famed City of Chicago.

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